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Fleming Adopts Advanced Systems Technology

Fleming Yachts stays ahead of its competition by constantly evaluating technology as it applies to ship's systems and equipment. Before changes are made to our production models, these new products are thoroughly tested at sea to ensure they not only enhance performance, but that they contribute to the overall safety and reliability of the vessel. Here are just a few of the new, highly advanced products that are now available on Fleming Yachts.

Seatorque Enclosed Shaft System

This new product won a recent IBEX Product Innovation Award (IBEX is the International Boatbuilder's Exhibition and Conference). By soft mounting the main propulsion engines and directing the prop's thrust to the vessel's structure, vibration and noise is greatly reduced. Furthermore, the enclosed shafts reduce the effect of drag caused by the external rotation of the shafts, consequently increasing fuel efficiency. Seatorque is now standard on the Fleming 55, 58 and 65. For more details, see Seatorque's web site by going to:


Hypro Marine's Fly-by-Wire Steering


Tony Fleming prefers plenty of steering feedback at the helm when maneuvering at idle speeds - more than typical hydraulic steering installations provide. Venture II's original hydraulic steering was replaced with Hypro Marine's ECS (Electronic Command Steering) system, which is known as a "fly-by-wire" system. The ECS replaces the vessel's steering hydraulics between the helm and the rudders with an electronic helm unit connected to an electronic power unit via a single wiring harness. This power unit controls a hydraulic pump installed near the rudders. In operation, it offers 4 turn lock-to-lock steering at 1 rev/second with a positive stop hardover and can be installed at multi-helm locations. As a safety precaution, Fleming installs a secondary electronic control unit at the main helm, which powers a separate, secondary hydraulic pump. And for added redundancy, the ship's autopilot's hydraulic pump can be used to steer the vessel. Tony is so impressed with the precise steering of the ECS system and its fail-safe backup system, ECS is now standard on all Fleming 65s. For more details, see Hypro Marine's web site by going to:

Boening Central Monitoring System

Monitoring system

As today's modern yacht becomes more complex due to the ever-increasing number of conveniences and luxury items demanded by owners, there is a growing need to be able to monitor the status and performance of all these systems. Furthermore, as more Fleming owners cruise to more remote, faraway destinations, it is imperative that they keep a watchful eye on all the ship's systems, electrical circuitry and mechanical equipment to avoid failure and encourage proper maintenance.

Fleming is now offering one of the world's most advanced centralized alarm and monitoring systems on all three of its models. Designed and manufactured by the German Boening AutomationsTechnologie company, this system can be customized to monitor very basic information such as bilge levels and navigation lights to complete engine data, tank levels, electrical loads and more. One of Fleming's newest 65s is being designed to include over 60 different sensors that will also feature color video cameras, integration with a FLIR night vision system and 15" touch screen monitors.

Exactly how much information is to be monitored and how it is displayed can be decided by individual owners, and prices vary accordingly. Typical installations feature two 10" monitors, one in the pilothouse and one on the flying bridge.

Also part of the Boening system is a fuel spill warning alarm. Small, weatherproof displays with LED warning lights are installed at each fuel fill location, and when the tanks are 95% full, yellow LEDs flash and an audible alarm is sounded. This system minimizes the risk of overfilling the vessel's tanks and causing a fuel spill.

For more details see the Boening web site by going to

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