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Sydney To Perth - Over the Top

It is certainly unfortunate for most serious boat owners, that the ability to buy and own a luxury passage making motor yacht is usually impeded by a corporate life which cheats us of the time to use it. The purchase of Wandarra, my beloved Fleming 55, was a fabulous experience... Read More

The Magical Sea - Adventures on Mola Mola

I really wasn't very interested in the Sea of Cortez. I'd been to Cabo. I thought it was overcrowded, overbuilt and overrated. Nothing in Cabo feels much like Mexico. Why, I wondered, would anyone want to spend several months cruising in that area? Read Full Story

Haida Spirits and Spirit Bears - Adventures on Mola Mola

It was a summer of amazing adventures, spectacular scenery and surprise encounters with abundant wildlife. Mola Mola, our 55' Fleming, carried us safely, comfortably, and in great style from Victoria, B.C. to Alaska and back to Newport Beach, CA in five months of fantastic cruising. We marveled at our close up encounters with whales. Read Full Story

Family Time In The Exumas

The normal preparations for our family's annual Bahama's cruise were more exciting than usual. Not only were we planning to cruise further south than we had ever been in the islands, we were going to be cruising on our new Fleming, SHARON ANN (55-187). Read Full Story

Beluga F55-046 'Beluga' November 2008
This owner takes his boat from Florida to Europe
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F55 "Endurance" Cruises from Florida to San Diego
Read this detailed account of a 3-month adventure.
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55/175 'Andante' Bass Strait May 2008
Bass Strait across the SE corner of Australia can be wild but it is also beautiful. It certainly can test the ship and the crew!!!
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Isla Isabela...Pure Magic! Mola Mola Mexico - 2008 Pam Bacich
The guide books' descriptions of Isla Isabela sound quite threatening, but if the weather is right for a stop, it's more than worth the detour!
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