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The purpose of this page is to provide one centralized location for accessing the various videos, blogs, and magazine articles which have stemmed from the cruises undertaken in Venture and Venture II. Here too, you can find links to Tony's memoirs describing the events which ultimately led to the formation of Fleming Yachts. To navigate this material click on the following links:

You Tube videos.

For the journeys made in Venture and Venture II. Full length DVD's of the videos can be purchased by visiting Our Store. Starting with "Venture to the Aleutians", discs will also be available in BluRay.


For some of the recent Venture trips as well as Tony's extensive travels to such places as Antarctica, the North Pole, Sahara Desert and a train ride across Siberia.


For Tony's memoirs, Riding the Tide, which are now available both as a printed book and on Kindle. Neither version contains photos but, being an inveterate photographer all his life, Tony has created short videos containing photos and film which make a compelling visual companion to the written word. These videos can be accessed through the Vimeo link listed above and are still an ongoing work in progress.

Magazine articles

For many articles by Tony and professional journalists.

Interview with Tony by Pendanablog.com

Tony's personal website is: www.mywanderingstar.com although he has a hard time keeping it current.


Numerous blogs, accompanied with many photographs, can be accessed here. These blogs are written during each trip so keep checking here to see what's new. The current journey is:

2018 Cruise to British Columbia and Southeast Alaska

Previous Blogs


A master list of all videos and where they appear to be ordered or streamed on line, can be downloaded here.